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When someone hears the word Dietitian, many automatically think that this is the hospital Dietitian that is customizing nutrient rich formulas to feed a patient through a tube in order to help them recover faster from a life-threating illness or injury. They may also assume Dietitians manage the food service line to ensure patients are meeting their dietary restrictions based on their medical conditions.

What they probably don’t realize is there are 125 Full-Time Sports Dietitians working in collegiate sports to ensure their athletes are meeting their nutritional needs. Whether it’s getting up at 4 am to set up fueling stations before workouts, educating student athletes about dietary supplement safety to keep them from testing positive from a banned substance, or planning travel menus while their teams are on the road, the collegiate Sports RD is an athlete’s secret weapon. Without the proper amount and type of fuel, it will be a long road for an athlete when trying to achieve peak performance and recovery.

Are you ever curious to know what athletes at some of the top colleges are being fed? What do some of the top Sports Dietitians recommend to fuel their athletes for peak performance? We’ve now made it easier not only for you to follow your favorite college team on Twitter, but to also take a deeper dive into what they are being fed.

College Sports Nutrition Programs on Twitter

University of Miami 

Clemson University 

Florida State University 

Georgia Tech 

North Carolina State University 

University of Louisville 

University of North Carolina 

University of Notre Dame 

University of Pittsburgh

University of Virginia

Virginia Tech University 

Tulane University

University of Tulsa

University of Houston 

University of Central Florida

Michigan State University 

University of Minnesota 

Northwestern State University

Purdue University 

Ohio State University 

Rutgers University 

University of Illinois 

University of Iowa 

University of Maryland 

University of Michigan

University Wisconsin 

University of Nebraska

Baylor University

Texas Christian University 

University of Kansas 

University of Oklahoma

University of Texas 

West Virginia University

Oklahoma State University 

Liberty University 

Radford Highlanders

Longwood University 

Drexel University 

University of New Hamphshire

University of Alabama-Birmingham 

University of Southern Mississippi 

James Madison University 

Cornell University 

Princeton University 

Quinnipiac University

Miami University-Ohio 

University of New York Buffalo 

Bowling Green State University 

Daytona State College 

Fresno State University 

Arizona State University 

University of California, Los Angeles 

University of Colorado 

University of California, Berkely 

University of Oregon 

University of Southern California 

University of Utah 

University of Washington 

Washington State University 

Stanford University

Oregon State University 

University of Arkansas 

Auburn University

Louisiana State University 

Mississippi State University 

Texas A&M University 

University of Alabama 

University of Florida 

University of Georgia

University of Kentucky 

University of Missouri 

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee 


Appalachian State University