Internship Program

"Purpose is to expand a young professionals sports nutrition knowledge and professional connections, while learning how to accomplish a variety of assignments".

Who Should Apply?

  • Senior level student enrolled in a Dietetic academic program 
  • Masters degree student and/or a Registered Dietitian (RD), preferred applicant
Intern1 (1)
My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“I have enjoyed the MSD internship as it has given me further insight on multiple aspects of the Sports Dietetics profession and multiple skills you were not exposed to in past education yet are crucial to be a successful dietitian in the field. My favorite part of the program has been all the professional connections I have made with other dietitians and professionals in Sports Medicine across the country”

MSD Intern

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What is Expected?

  • Work remotely with others to accomplish assigned projects in a timely manner.
  • Have a gmail address and be familiar with using Google Suite products such as slides, sheets, docs, meet, calendar etc.
  • Be willing to learn other software such as Asana, Canva, Piktochart, Screencast-o-Matic, Webinarjam, Accredible, Acuity, Google Analytics, Zapier, Camtasia, Amazon Web Hosting, Quizlet, Simplero and Facebook Ads.
  • Contribute on average 5-10 hours per week or 35 hours over a six week assignment.
My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“Interning with My Sports Dietitian has been such an incredible opportunity for growth, skill building, networking, and collaborating with a team of driven and dedicated individuals. I have loved being able to dive into new areas of practice, employ my creativity, and meet such incredible professionals along the way. Pursuing this internship opportunity has been such a highlight of my 2020 year and an involvement that has shaped me for the better. I hope it brings as much value to you, as it has to me!”

MSD Intern

What are the Benefits?

  • Access to any premium MSD content  
  • Some tasks and projects can be logged for the CSSD exam requirements
  • Establish professional connections with peers and other professionals 
  • Certificate of completion per term

Interaction/Connection Opportunities

  • Monthly Zoom Meeting

  • Weekly eMail Newsletter

  • MSD Membership Site

    • Knowledge Modules per Group Assignments

    • Social/Professional Connections

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Group Interaction within Projects

Admission Terms

Terms                                   Application/Selection                        Tenure

Fall                                       August                                               September-November

Spring                                   *December                                           *January-March

Summer                                April                                                   May-July

If you receive a positive review per assignment in each term, you can:

1. Apply to be a team leader
2. Continue another term without reapplying 

Accept applications until Friday April 9th
Selection by Tuesday April 20th

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“The MSD internship has provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise within the sports nutrition field. I've gained valuable experience through performance nutrition research and project development while also strengthening my leadership skills. I am honored to have made such great professional connections and be apart of the MSD team.”

MSD Intern

Team Assignments

Each Intern will receive 2 assignments per term lasting 6 weeks each

Team Assignments

  • Special Projects
    • CSSD Study Guide, Enhance Meal Plan Guides
  • Graphics/Media Creation
    • Social Media, Videos
  • Communicate
    • Social Media Posts, Email Campaigns
  • Content Creation
    • Blog, Infographics
  • Continuing Education (CEU) Development and Facilitation
  • Scientific Advisory Board
    • Research, Writing
  • Analytics
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook, Google
  • Online Education Management/Facilitation
    • Webinar, Symposium
  • Eat 2 Win App Development and Testing
    • Develop features and beta test new builds
  • Virtual Sports Dietitian Program
    • Competitive, Selective Process

Selection of Team Leaders

Team leaders work as a liaison between teams of Interns and MSD staff

    • Requirement
      • At least one completed term as an Intern with a positive review 
    • Selection
      • Selected by MSD Staff
    • Role
      • Involved in the interview and selection process of their team members
      • Facilitates team assignments

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“Interning with MSD has been such a rewarding experience. The skills, knowledge and connections that I have gained through this experience are so valuable to my evolving career as a sports dietitian. I would highly recommend the MSD internship to anyone interested in expanding their sports nutrition knowledge and professional connections.”

MSD Intern