We help our athletes with...

  • Weight Goal Setting
  • Nutritional Strategies to Accomplish Goals
  • Overcoming Daily/Weekly Challenges
  • Personal Supplement Protocol Plan
  • Pre-Game/Event Meal Planning
  • Answer General Sports Nutrition Questions
  • Weekly Check-in with your Sports Nutrition Coach

Who is this program for?

Our Sports Nutrition Coaching program is for any youth or adult athlete with a goal of improving their eating habits to maximize their performance, body weight, and health.

Never used an online sports nutrition coaching service before?

Here’s how it works...

Connect with a Specialist

Based on your data, we’ll pick a Sports Dietitian who we think is right for you. 

Communicate your Goals

Use our Eat 2 Win App to connect with your Sports Dietitian as often as you’d like throughout the week.  

Track your Success

You will check in with your Sports Dietitian once per week to assess your progress, tweak your nutrition strategy and celebrate your achievements.

Win the day with improved...


Why a 3 month committment?

We are in it for the long haul. One of the things that we have come to realize over the years is that we cannot change athlete’s eating habits in a couple of weeks. It takes time. 

Our responsibility as sports nutrition coaches is to put the athletes who come to us for help in the best possible position to succeed. To do this, we need to create sustainable habits that they can live with forever. 

These first 3-months are crucial to both us and our athletes as it is a commitment to one another. When new members come to us we have two goals during their first 90-days. 

  1. Create a healthy relationship with food by promoting a balanced habit-based nutrition plan designed to meet their individual goals.
  2. Show tangible results such as overall energy, body weight, strength, focus, muscle recovery and endureance.

What happens next?

Step #1
Begin the free trial. We will select your Sports Dietitian based on their availability. 

Step #2 
Download the Eat 2 Win App and complete athlete assessment form.

Step #3
Schedule your initial consultation and get started! 

Our Sports Dietitians

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How will I connect with my selected coach?

The sports nutrition coach will connect up with you via a video teleconference format (Zoom, Google Meet etc.) for your initial consultation session.  You will need a computer or phone with audio/video connection.We recommend you are not driving at the time of your session so you can focus on your goals.

If I am under 18 years of age, does a parent have to be involved?

Yes, anyone under 18 years old must have a parent involved in the consultation session. In addition they must be added as a Nutrition Monitor in the Eat 2 Win app and will be a part of all communication.

How long is the initial consultation session?

Your initial consultation will take approximately 45-60 minutes but is flexible based on the needs of each athlete's schedule.

Will I have access to my sports nutrition coach after my initial consultation session?

After the initial consultation session, you will have access to your sports nutrition coach during your weekly check-in as well as via the Eat 2 Win app. You can reach out to your coach at any time and your coach will reach out to you at least once per week in addition to answering your weekly Check In questions.

What happens after I sign up?

We’ll assign you a coach within 24 hours after completing your initial assessment, and your coach will contact you within 24 hours after that to arrange a time for your initial consultation. You’ll also be given access to our client portal and clients-only Facebook group, so you can get to know everyone. 

During your consultation, your coach will walk you through everything else you need to know!

How is my coach assigned?

We have a number of Sports Nutrition coaches, all with different personalities and skill sets. We’ll aim to match you with the coach that will suit you best and who has space on their client roster to dedicate the time to you that you deserve. All of our coaches are licensed Dietitians and/or Board Certified in Sports along with having extensive experience working with athletes and athletic teams.

Can I cancel at any time durign the free trial?

You can cancel at any time within the 14 days after you start your trial. After that, we ask that our clients commit for 3 months – our client history shows that you’re more likely to succeed this way. Within the first three months, cancellations will be charged at the number of remaining whole months, multiplied by the monthly rate. E.g. if you cancel with 2 months remaining, you will be charged 2 x $139 = $278. After that, you may cancel at any time.