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Athletic Trainers | Coaches Personal Trainers Strength & Conditioning Specialists

Do you want to improve your athletes eating habits in order to maximize performance, body weight, and health.

Never implemented an annual sports nutrition game plan before?

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Start a free trial and explore all of the resources provided. 


Connect your athletes, coaches and parents to your account and give them Premium User Access.


Create a sports nutrition nutrition game plan for your athletes. 

Eat 2 Win App Admin
Provide premium user access to an UNLIMITED number of athletes, parents or coaches!

  • Unlock all Custom Meal Plans
  • "Ask a Sports Dietitian" feature
  • Compete in Teams
  • Compete in Challenges
  • Receive Educational Video Series
  • Access to Sleep Tracker
  • Access to Wellness Tracker
  • Access to Hydrtation Tracker
  • Access to Blog and Podcast Content
  • Access to 40+ Infographics

Here is what you can do with the Eat 2 Win App...

Add Users to your Organization

When you add an athlete, parent or coach to your organization they are converted to a Premium User status and that unlocks all of the features of the Eat 2 Win App!

Group Athlete into Teams

Group athletes into Teams and encourage team competition while improving their eating habits. This friendly competition will help increase engagement amongst the athletes for even better results.

Distribute Sports Nutrition Education Videos

You can distribute to select athletes theme focused videos within the app. We have 10 Sports Nutrition themes to choose from based on frequently asked questions. That is 10 weeks of content with 7 videos per week (theme).

Create Theme Focused Nutritional Challenges

Theme challenges allow you to focus on short term goals around a common sports nutrition theme (i.e. Breakfast, Snacks, Post-workout). Don’t overwhelm your athletes, start small and build up.

Toolkit of Sports Nutrition Educational Resources
A comprehensive set of resources to get you started on day one...

New resources are added monthly! 

Eat 2 Win App Administration

Add your athletes, coaches, parents and unlock all of the Premium Eat 2 Win App features.


One-page sports nutrition infographics. Download, print and share. Great bulletin board material or share in social media or your email networks.

Presentations Slides

Sports nutrition topics in presentation format. Ideal for team talks. Done for you presentation slides with lots of a practical applications. 


Short videos on frequently asked sport nutrition questions. Trusted answers from a highly qualified Sports Dietitian. 

Applied Research

Sports nutrition infographics summarizing current and trending research topics. Stay up to date with the latest research.

Supplement Protocols

Food first approach with a prescriptive plan for taking sports supplements in a safe and effective manner. 

Live Webinars

Current topics in Sports Nutrition covered in a live webinar each month. Invite your athletes, parents, coaches etc. to attend these exclusive webinars. 

Continuing Education

Free continuing education courses. We are an official CEU provider for Commission on Dietitics Registraiton (CDR) and Board of Certificatio (BOC) for Athletic Trainers. 

Sports Dietitians

Integrate a Sports Dietitian into your program. Your very own Sports is that easy.

Eat 2 Win(ners) Circle

3,000+ in our Eat 2 Win support community. Have questions about sports nutrition or how to implemnet your game plan. We have a community of support to assist and support you.

Your athletes will improve their...



$499 per year per team after your free trial. Risk free to check out the Eat 2 Win Admin Adminstration features and gain access to the toolkit of resources.

After your free trial we will connect you up with your Sports Dietitian...

  • Free Virtual Staff Consulation with your Designated Sports Dietitian
  • Free Team Talk for your Athletes and Parents
  • In-app Messaging (Ask a Sports Dietitian) Feature for all of your Athletes, Parents and Coaches

What happens next?

Begin your Free Trial

Start a free trial and explore all of the resources provided. 

Connect your Athletes, Coaches and Parents

 Provide them with premium user access and unlock all of the advanced features.

Develop your Sports Nutrition Game Plan

Use our planning calendar to build out your annual sports nutrition calendar.

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win
LLitchfield Photo (2)

“All athletes can utilize the nutritional resources in the Eat 2 Win app. They have done their research and cover supplement information, podcasts focusing on nutrition for many sports, and more. I also like that this app gives athletes access to a community of Sports Dieticians who are ready to work with them on specific needs.”

Head Athletic Trainer, Dutchtown High

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Are there any limits to my account or do I have full access?

You have full access. There are no limits. Full access to check it out and see if it is a right fit for you and your program. You also have no limits to the number of users added in your Eat 2 Win account.

How do I access the Facebook group?

Once you gain access to the membership site we will direct you on how to join our private facebook group community.

What level of access will I have with my assigned Sports Dietitian?

The users added to your organization including yourself can ask a Sports Dietitian a question within the app. In addition they can easily upgrade to additional 1:1 services. When your programs is ready you can upgrade and obtain additional services that will accelerate your overall sports nutrition program. 

What kind of results can I expect? Will I have help in implementing my Sports Nutrition program?

Just like anything else you get out what you put into it. However, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you. We have provided for you all of the resources and support system to implement a year round sports nutrition program with your athletes. It is a team effort and we want to be part of your team!

What happens after I sign up?

You will gain immediate access to toolkit of resources in a membership site. Once you download and register your account with the Eat 2 Win App we will provide adminstation access so you can begin to add your users (athletes, parents, coaches etc). Once added they will be converted to Premium User status.

Who will be my assigned Sports Dietitian?

We have an incredible team of highly qualified Sports Dietitians. We will assign one or more Sports Dietitian to your organization. We feel very confident that any of them will do a great job servicing your program. The users added to your organization will be able to ask a general question to your Sports Dietitian as well as upgrade for additional 1:1 services.

Can I add additional inidividuals as an adminstrator to my organization?

Yes, once the account is created you can add additional individuals as an adminstrator over that account.