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Obtain the Services of a Sports Dietitian for
your Athletic Staff

12 Hours of Sports Nutrition Services for your Athletic Staff

Staff Planning, Coordination and Consultation

Sports Dietitian can attend staff meetings or consult individually with athletic staff members.

Team Talks

Have a pressing issue or want to be proactive on a topic. Bring in an expert to talk with your athletes and/or parents.

Who is this program for?

Athletic Trainers | Coaches Personal Trainers Strength & Conditioning Specialists

Do you want to improve your athletes eating habits in order to maximize performance, body weight, and health.

What does your staff need assistance with?
Solving Real Problems with Real Professionals!

Chronic Crampers or
Best Practices Guide

How to Organize and Optomize

Wide Variety of

Gain a Competitive Advantege

Safe and Effective
Game Plan

Prepare to Compete
and Win

Cutting Edge Science to Enhance Recovery

Prevention is Key
Be Proactive on Hot Topics

We want to take a minute to brag about our Sports Dietitians.
Every last one on our team has a passion to help athletes improve their eating habits and overall athletic performance. It is fun to watch them in action! We simple have the best!

Tavis Piattoly and Ronnie Harper
Founders of My Sports Dietitian

A Sports Dietitian will help improve your athletes...

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How is my Sports Dietitian assigned?

We will work to match your program needs with our highly qualified staff of Sports Dietitian. Each program is different and we are confident we will assign you the best match that will assist you in accomplishing your goals

How do I communicate with my assigned Sports Dietitian??

After we introduce you to your Sports Dietitian you will have phone and email support to communicate with them. Virtual meetings are common as well. 

Is there a timeframe on when to utilize my time alloted?

No. Each program is different but most build in a regular scheduled meeting to begin with and then start working to improve one pressing issue at a time.

How is the time tracked?

Time is tracked on the actual time you are meeting and working together. Our Sports Dietitians are very effecient in the way the solve real problems and issues. My Sports Dietitian as a company has a wealth of resources that can easily be utilized as well.