Meet Margaret Downs

  • Sports Dietitian

    “Team work makes the dream work! No one can climb Mount Everest alone." - John Maxwell.

    "The greatest outcomes are realized when we join forces with others and execute our unique capabilities. Performance potentials are realized when a Sports Dietitian and an athlete unite!”

    Margaret Downs

    Sports Dietitian

Margaret's bio...

Margaret Downs is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Western Carolina University. She is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) and a Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C). Margaret specializes in performance nutrition, while emphasizing health and disease management. She is a diverse practitioner and advanced clinician who has focused skill development in weight dependent sports and disordered eating patterns.

She is also a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Margaret was a competitive volleyball player, 400M runner, and dancer. She later developed as an endurance athlete training for half- and full- marathons. She loves to participate in high-intensity interval training and trail running. She endeavors to inspire competitive athletes to embrace nutritional practices and grow a champion mindset, in sport and in life!

Professional Accomplishments

  • Chicago White Sox MiLB, Sports Performance Intern RDN (March-Sept 2020)- advanced practice with MLB and MiLB Sport Nutrition Team working with a diverse population of athletes (Latino, Dominican, American, ect.)

  • Western Carolina University, Nutrition Faculty and Health Services RDN/ All Sports (Fall 2014-Present)- applies research to practice working closely with performance team, counsels weight dependent sports and eating disorders, and fully understands the challenges collegiate athletes encounter.

  • Total Nutrition Technology, Sports Dietitian / All Sports (Spring 2009- Fall 2014)- developed individualized sports nutrition and performance plans working with all age groups and types of athletes.

  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and Coach- understands how to create a growth mindset and empower others toward reaching their fullest potentials.

  • Competitive Volleyball Player, 400M runner, and Dancer- a lifetime athlete with experience in team and individual sports.

What others are saying about Margaret....

Sports Dietitian
IMG_9361 - David Brock

“I started working on my performance nutrition as a cyclist riding up to 200 miles. Margaret really understands how to apply nutrition for endurance athletes. She has provided ongoing support, knowledge, and great benefit to my training regimens and performance goals. Now, 20-years later, I’m still running 50-80 miles per week. Her partnership has kept me competitive and healthy all the way from a beginner endurance athlete to seasoned long distance. In my professional role, I often use her wisdom and advice while counseling other leading endurance athletes in the U.S”

Founding Director of the Health and Human Performance Center, University of Vermont.