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  • A registered dietitian working in sports nutrition, acquiring (or acquired!) specialty practice hours, and trying to study for the CSSD exam—but need a little guidance!

  • A first time test taker and don’t know where to start, or maybe you are preparing for your recertification but need some structure to move through the study materials! 

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  • Sports Dietitian

    “This study guide is a very helpful tool to prepare for the CSSD exam. I highly recommend it.”

    Julia Long

    Houston Rockets Performance Dietitian

Sports Dietetics Specialist Examination Content Outline
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  • Exercise and Performance Nutrition                                  Competencies           Questions
    • Energy Metabolism                                                              14                         26
    • Fuel for Training and Competition                                       10                         26
    • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance                                               6                          13
    • Sports Food and Supplements                                              9                          10
  • Clinical Sports Nutrition  
    • Energy Balance and Availability                                            8                         12
    • Weight Management                                                             4                           8
    • Special Populations                                                               9                          10
    • Disordered Eating                                                                  9                          10
  • Nutrition Operations and Management  
    • Food and Beverage Management                                          5                           5
    • Nutrition Administration                                                        5                           5

                                                                                     Total             79                         125

What can you expect to find in this program?

A step-by-step detailed scripted study plan...

Narrative Summaries

Comprehensive narrative summary for all 79 CSSD competencies (think Cliffs Notes)

Guided Study Plan

Scripted and detailed study plan directing you to a variety of quality and specific study resources

My Sports Dietitian Content

Free access and reference to all related MSD content. See list of content below.

Open Forum

Discussion monitored by program faculty and other members. Ask a question, get an answer.

Equations/Reference Values

All the equations and references values you will need are combined in one location

Quizlet Study Tools

Flashcards, Match, Learn, Test or Spell

Mock Final Exam

  Before taking your exam, make sure to see if you are ready. 

  • Sports Dietitian

    “I needed a course that succinctly but effectively provided easy to read, comprehend, and utilize information that would be applicable for the test itself. This was exactly what I needed and I 100% attribute this course to my passing of the CSSD exam. ”


    Assistant Director for Nutrition & Dietary Wellness for Washington University in St. Louis

How it Works

Our goal is to walk you through each CSSD competency. We provide a narrative summary (think Cliffs Notes) for each competency and then direct you to high quality supplemental reference materials specific to mastering each competency. When you have a question our program faculty or other members can provide you with answers!


My Sports Dietitian Content
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  • Athlete Nutrition Assessment & Body Composition 
  • Dietary Supplement and Athletic Performance
  • Eating Disorders and Athletes
  • Fluid & Electrolyte Replacement
  • Nutritional Periodization For Athletes
  • Nutritional Strategies for Weight Loss for Athletes
  • Role of Hydration and Athletic Performance
  • Role of Micro Nutrients and Athletic Performances
  • Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  • Sports Nutrition for Power Athletes
  • Supplemental Industry and Supplemental Safety
  • Trials of Meal Plans for Athletes
  • Vitamin D and Athletic Performance
  • Vitamin D and Human Performance
  • Why Athletes Struggle to Gain Weight
    • Body Comp Basics
    • Functional Sports Nutrition 101
    • High Protein Diet in Athletes
    • Metabolic Efficiency Training
    • Meta Control and the Improved on Body Composition
    • Nutrition for the Vegetarian Athlete
    • Optimal Protein Intake for Athletes
    • Pre-Work Supplements
    • Produce for Performance
    •  Sports Nutrition for the Injured Athlete
    • Sports Supplements for Young Athletes
    • Supplements vs Food
    • Omega for Concussion and Brain Health
    • Tactical Dietitian
    • Training Nutrition & Hydration Strategies Endurance Athletes

Program Faculty

Sports Dietitian
Reshaunda Thornton MS, RD, CSSD

“Reshaunda is a sports dietitian and owner of private practice, BetterVessel Nutrition. Being in the wellness industry for over 10 years, her work involves specializing in nutrition for sports performance of all ages and athletic levels, individual nutrition consulting, speaking on media platforms, and writing nutrition content for magazines such as St. Louis Magazine and monthly, as the sports dietitian, in STL Kids Compete Magazine.”

Sports Dietitian

Sports Dietitian
Jay Short, MS, RD, CSSD

“Jay is a sports dietitian from Columbus, Ohio and has had the joy of working with athletes at all levels from middle school to the US Men's National Soccer Team. He has received his Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Dietetics as well as his Masters in Kinesiology from The Ohio State University.”

Sports Dietitian

  • Sports Dietitian

    “Awesome refresher for renewing my CSSD credentials. Tons of great resources that provided valuable information and acted as a quality refresher. Having a detailed study outline to provide guidance and direction on what to focus on definitely saves a lot of time you might have spent otherwise.”


    Director of Sports Nutrition at the US Naval Academy

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