10 Week Sports Nutrition Educational Programs

Begin with Building a Foundation

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Supporting an Athlete's Individual Needs with a
10 Week Sports Nutrition Program

Learn how to build muscle and improve athletic performance from one of these three programs....

Gain Weight 

Lose Weight

Maintain Weight

10 Week Program Outline
Weekly Theme with Daily Video

Week 1   Nutrition Planning, Setting Goals and Developing Support Systems
Week 2   Effective Strategies for Managing Weight and Building Muscle
Week 3   Importance of Breakfast for Athletes   
Week 4   Discover the Power of Snacks
Week 5   Post-Workout Fueling Plans for Champions
Week 6   Sleep and Recovery is the Hidden Advantage 
Week 7   Eating Out with a Purpose
Week 8   Have a Hydration Plan, Don’t Leave it to Chance
Week 9   Dietary Supplements for Athletes: A Deeper Dive
Week 10 Pre-event Fueling & Meal Timing Matters


  • Daily Email Includes
    • Educational Video from your Sports Dietitian on a Theme Topic
    • Inspiration/Motivation Message
    • Daily Action Steps

  • Individual vs Group
    • Athlete can go through program individually but it's better if a group of athletes go through the 10 week program at the same time.
    • Support staff can provide additional guidance and encouragement to increase overall success of athlete's goals.

  • Bonus
    • Athlete receives a LIFETIME access as a Premium User ($79 value) in the Eat 2 Win Nutrition App

Choose a Sports Dietitian

10 Week Program: $99
Discounts Available if 10+ are Purchased

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How do I receive the daily videos?

The videos are delivered via email. You will receive a daily email for 10 weeks in each program.

What's included in each of the daily emails?

Each email includes a video with a inspirational quote and daily action steps to based on the weekly themes.

Who narrates the Sports Nutrition content in each video?

Each video is developed by a highly qualified and experienced Sports Dietitian. 

How do I get access to the lifetime premium user features of the Eat 2 Win App?

When you purchase a 10 week program, make sure to use the same email you used to create your Eat 2 Win App account. After your purchase of the 10 week program your Eat 2 Win App account will automatically convert from a free user to the Premium User status.

What can I expect to accomplish by enrolling in a 10 week program?

Each program provides daily guidance toward a specific weight management goal. The 10 week program helps you to jump start that process while creating foundational habits toward a healthy lifestyle and improved athletic performance.

We are so confident you will love this 10 Week Sports Nutrition Program that you can have your money back if not satisfied in the first 30 days.