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Sports Dietitian

Supporting an Athlete's Individual Needs:

Team Sports Dietitian Services

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Do You Have a Sports Nutrition Plan

for Your Athletes?


Sports Dietitian Team Services

Provide oversight and guidance to a school or program staff on how to
implement a year round sports nutrition program for their athletes

Implement Year Round Program for Your Team

  • Off-Season
  • Pre-season 
  • In-season

Implement Short Team Goals

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Hydration
  • Post-workout
  • Sleep/Recovery
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Meal Timing

Assist with Group Challenges

Using the FREE Eat 2 Win App divide athletes into Groups to Compete in Challenges

Assist Staff with Athlete Weight Goals

Consult with staff on safe weight goal strategies for their athletes

Guest Speaker

  • Four times a year
  • Live Webinar Format for Parent and Staff Inclusion
  • Kick Start Theme Goals or Challenges

Access for Consultation with Staff

  • Phone
  • Email

Consult with Staff

  • Pre-game Meals
  • Fueling Strategies for Special Events
  • Safe and Effective Supplementation
  • Special Medical Needs

Eat 2 Win App Premium User Access for All Athletes

All athletes under the TEAM Services program will have FREE access as an  Eat 2 Win App Premium User

For example:
Eat 2 Win Premium User Access is $0.99 month BUT all athletes under Team Services receives it for FREE

$0.99 monthly premium user x 12 months = $11.88 per athlete

How many athletes do you have?

Sports Nutrition Game Plan for Your Team

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$3,999 Annual Agreement