My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“Good nutrition won't make an average athlete elite, but poor nutrition will make an elite athlete average”

Sports Dietitian

Stephanie MacNeill, MHSc, RD, LDN

Stephanie completed her Master of Nutrition Communication from Ryerson University in 2018. Before this, she attended Western University where she received an Honors Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition and McMaster University where she received and Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. At that time, she competed in varsity cross-country and track.

Stephanie has provided nutrition and food education to a wide range of individuals and groups including both recreational and elite athletes, with her most recent position being with the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball organization.

As a sports dietitian, Stephanie works with clients and athletes helping them to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals with evidence-based and credible knowledge. Whether assisting an athlete for weight management or educating an athlete on what to eat to maximize athletic performance, she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and teach them how to make eating for performance a part of their daily lifestyle.

Stephanie is passionate about supporting athletes to reach their goals through individual coaching and group workshops. She uses a food-first approach to help individuals implement practical and sustainable changes that maximize sports performance and support long term health.

Professional Accomplishment

  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist
  • Philadelphia Phillies Performance Nutrition Fellow

What others are saying about Giordana....

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“ Working with Danielle has been one of the biggest life changing experiences for my professional soccer career and, more importantly, my overall health. I spent over 1 year with severe stomach issues . I remember first filling out my symptoms survey with Danielle and my score was off the charts...and not in a good way. The symptoms were affecting my mood and day to day life giving me a lot of stress and anxiety when it came to eating. It was also negatively affecting my performance on the field. Amazingly, only after 2 months working with her, I’m feeling tons better. I have very few symptoms and am back to feeling like myself again and waking up looking forward to eating everyday! Being a professional athlete, I understand the importance that nutrition plays in performance and recovery. Since working with Danielle, my energy levels and recovery have been great . It’s the best I’ve ever felt physically . It’s clear she’s an expert when it comes to nutrition. But it was also her energy, positivity, understanding, and encouragement that helped me make the changes that have gotten me to feeling and performing the way I am today. I’m very grateful to have been working with Danielle and I hope to continue working worth her for a very long time!! ”

Forward for Loudoun United Professional Soccer

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“My name is Bruce Bochy and this is my testimonial to the great job Danielle LaFata did for me as my Sports Dietitian.
I was managing the San Francisco Giants when we hired Danielle to be our team dietitian. Along with making us a better conditioned team with the awareness she brought to making better choices nutritionally, she helped me personally with some issues I was dealing with.
I was dealing with joint pain, fatigue, and high cholesterol when she came up with a plan for me to improve in all these areas. She educated me on the nutrition part and designed a meal plan for me that I followed on a consistent basis. Danielle did a Spectracell Micronnutrient Test on Me and from those results she added some supplements to improve in areas where needed. We accomplished my goal at lowering my cholesterol where my cardiologist wanted and really helped the inflammation in the joints to where I was back doing my normal routine with the energy needed.
These changes were life changing for me as I have a family history of heart disease.
I’m forever grateful to Danielle.”

Former Manager of the San Francisco Giants