Sports Dietitian
Sina King, M.Ed., MS, RDN, LD - Sports Dietitian

“The right fuel at the right times can have a dramatic impact on your performance as an athlete and overall success! I can’t wait to support and provide recommendations for your athletic needs and lifestyle using my experiences as a collegiate athlete and Performance dietitian!”

Sports Dietitian

Sina King, M.Ed., MS, RDN, LD

Sina is a Performance Dietitian that received a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, as well as a Master of Education in Exercise Physiology at the University of Akron. She then went on to receive a Master of Science in Nutrition at West Virginia University. During her time at Akron, Sina competed as a division 1 basketball player and went on to win All-American honors while following her passion to become a dietitian that could help future athletes’ fuel at their best! Sina has years of experience working with a variety of collegiate sport teams, educating athletes on performance nutrition, with specialized experience in areas such as medical nutrition therapy, weight dependent sport needs, disordered eating in sport and more.

Sina is passionate about helping athletes strive to be the best they can be on the court, field or arena, in the classroom and in life. For her, success is about creating an environment where athletes are learning and implementing healthy behaviors that are practical and sustainable, not inflexible and trendy. The right fuel at the right times can have a dramatic impact on an athlete’s performance and overall success and being a part of this process is incredibly rewarding for her!

Sina’s philosophy is simple. She strives to educate athletes on how to make educated nutrition choices and tackle the large amount of nutrition misinformation out there through consistent communication and through a real-life, whole body health approach. A, “just give me a meal plan” approach can work for a time, but without an interactive and flexible nutrition plan, considering changes in an athlete’s goals, time and duration of training, preferences, recovery needs and more all make working with someone giving individualized performance nutrition recommendations key!

In her spare time, Sina now enjoys a variety of activities such as weight training, yoga and the occasional pick-up basketball game, as well as cooking and trying new recipes at home. She also will run the local half-marathon every year with family to continue her love of competition and striving to reach new goals.

  • Director of Sports Nutrition for Olympic Sports  
  • Division 1 Women’s Basketball Player
  • WVU Dietetic Internship Advisory Board Member

What others are saying about Sina....

Sports Dietitian

“Working with a sports dietitian was such an eye opening experience and it even inspired me to minor in nutrition! I think it is so beneficial for everyone, especially athletes to have an understanding of macronutrients and what your body uses each for. Your nutrition plays such an impactful role in your performance and it is essential to understand if you want to be the best athlete you can be. Learning proper pre and post workout fueling allowed me to feel much more energized, strong, and explosive both in practice and conditioning.”

Former WVU Gymnastic

Sports Dietitian

“Sina is an invaluable resource and a professional of the highest order. Her knowledge base and expertise in sports performance nutrition is top notch and her ability to communicate the complexities of nutrition to the athlete population is what separates her from others.”

Tactical Strength & Conditioning Specialist; former WVU Baseball Strength Coach

Sports Dietitian

“Sina King has been an invaluable member of our support staff. Her knowledge of sports nutrition and the various strategies she utilizes have been instrumental in improving our student-athletes’ health and performance. She has brought a level of dedication and passion to teaching our student-athletes, not only how to maximize performance but how to establish lifelong habits of excellence.”

WVU Athletic Trainer