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Gain Weight, Build Muscle and Improve Performance with Sports Dietitian Tavis Piattoly

Improve your Eating Habits in this 10 Week Sports Nutrition Program


Fluid and Electrolyte Replacement for Athletic Performance

Learn about the science behind hydration, and translate the science into practice with an emphasis on personalization.


Dietary Supplements and Athletic Performance

Learn about supplements for general health and the benefits for strength and power athletes.


Pre-fueling Nutrition for Wrestlers

Learn about nutrition tactics to reach your ideal competition weight


Adapting Nutritional Strategies for Wrestlers

Optimum In-Season Performance


Supplement Industry and Supplement Safety

Learn how the supplement safety industry works and how you to decide if supplements are safe and effective


Making Weight & Performing Great for Wrestlers

Learn how to How to optimize your weight cutting strategies for wrestlers


Managing the Grind for Championship Performance

Learn nutritional strategies to reduce the injuries, fatigue and burnout of a long wrestling season


Body Comp Basics

Learn the basics of the composition of the human body


Sports Supplements for Young Athletes: Is Creatine Safe?

Learning the latest best practices in sports supplements with an emphasis on creatine