Nutrition Principles for Physique and MMA Athletes

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Jimmy Smith- Podcast

Jimmy Smith, MS, CSCS
A recognized leader in the field of human performance and offers a unique blend of cutting edge nutrition and training information to his elite athletes and clients. As a author, speaker and coach Jimmy has helped professional and elite athletes in 6 different major sports and recreational athletes reach a higher level of performance and physique development.

Jimmy has been a guest on ESPN Radio,, and in Men's Fitness and Men's Health magazines and his best-selling book, The Physique Formula, has helped hundreds of athletes and health enthusiasts attain leaner and healthier physiques . Jimmy is also an athlete himself, having played high level of college basketball, and he continues to use himself as a human performance experiment in order to give his athletes the legal and natural edge to become champions.

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. What made Jimmy want to work in the field of strength, conditioning, and nutrition?
  2. Who was the first known athlete that approached him about helping them change their diet?
  3. What makes the MMA athlete a little different than a football or baseball player or is there a difference in the approach?
  4. What are the nutritional biggest challenges an athlete struggles with the most when trying to lower their body fat?
  5. What 3 key nutrition principles are a must when someone is trying to improve their body composition?
  6. If there a specific macronutrient ratio he develops for each individual (i.e. based on body type, goals, body composition)?
  7. Does he change calorie requirements or macronutrients based on the volume of training of his clients?
  8. Safe strategies to help athletes make their fighting or performance weight.
  9. Supplement safety and education before designing a comprehensive supplement plan.
  10. What specific supplements he recommends for athletes or individuals who are trying to reduce body fat?

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