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How Am I Doing?

Have you ever asked these questions when eating a meal?

Is that enough protein?

Should I eat more carbohydrates?

Should I add more fruits and vegetables?

Is that type of fat healthy or unhealthy?

Is this considered a processed food?

How can I increase my calories?

Can this be considered a post-workout meal?

Would you consider this a great pre-game meal?


As an Athlete's Nutrition Monitor, the Sports Dietitian Provides Feedback on their Logged Meals within the Eat 2 Win App

Improve Your Eating Habits
One Meal at a Time

3 easy steps to find out...
#1 Select a Sports Dietitian  

#2 Log Meals with Eat 2 Win App

#3 Receive Quality Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What can I expect when I have a Sports Dietitian as my Nutrition Monitor?

The first week you will be asked to track as many meals as you can with the Eat 2 Win App. After your first week, the Sports Dietitian will work with you to decide on what meal to focus on next and for how long. During that time the Sports Dietitian will provide feedback in the Eat 2 Win App on each logged meal within your goal. 

Do I have to track all my meals for 10 weeks?

No. The first week you try to log as many as you can. After the first week you and your Sports Dietitian will agree on what to focus and for how long. For example, you might decide to focus only on Breakfast for 2 Weeks. You would only need to log your Breakfast meals for those two weeks. After that, you would decide on what to focus on next and for how long.

What type of feedback can I expect from my Sports Dietitian?

You will take a picture of your logged meals using the Eat 2 Win App and your Sports Dietitian will provide feedback within the App on ways you can improve the quality of your meals or confirm you are making great choices. 

Can I add other Nutrition Monitors to join in the conversation of my logged meals?

Yes. Actually, it is highly encouraged that you add other people who can support you in the feedback you receive. If you are a minor then you must have a parent as a Nutrition Monitor so they can participate in the conversation within the Eat 2 Win App.

We are so confident you will love working with our Sports Dietitian as your Nutrition Monitor that you can have your money back within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied. We are that confident!