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My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“Bob Seebohar's "Performance Nutrition for Soccer Players" e-book is a sensible, gimmick-free nutrition primer for young athletes, parents, and coaches to learn the important roles of nutrition upon health, growth and development, and its effects on youth soccer performance. General nutrition principles are clearly described as they apply to daily nutrition choices, along with an easy to understand explanation of how nutrition periodization principles can be employed to yield optimum training and game day performance. Young athletes will also be educated on the various categories of supplements and how to identify whether these can be deemed safe or harmful. This is a thorough reference book that is guaranteed to empower the young soccer player.”

Sports Dietitian Fuel4mance

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“Performance Nutrition for Soccer Players is a must have resource for every soccer player looking to maximize their playing potential. Not only should every serious soccer player have this book readily available but so too should the parents as they are the ones doing the grocery shopping! The FuelTarget that Coach Bob has created is simple enough for any athlete to follow to ensure, from a nutritional standpoint, they are performing at their peak. As a Director for the Colorado Rush Soccer Club, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the player’s performance. Whether it is pre-season, in-season or a weekend tournament, Performance Nutrition for Soccer Players will provide you with a framework on what to eat and when to eat it. Thank you, Coach Bob for putting such a great book together for the betterment of the youth soccer player.”

Director of Coaching -Youth Academy: Colorado Rush Soccer Club

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“"Performance Nutrition for Soccer Players gives excellent, practical advice every player can implement into their daily eating habits. I loved the section that explains how to eat on a tournament weekend too! I'm not a nutritionist but I get asked about Nutrition all the time. When I do I refer to this book. Thanks for writing it Bob!"”

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn


Nutrients in foods.  Not only will you learn the difference between the nutrients carbohydrates, protein, and fat, but you will also learn which foods contain these nutrients and some very important facts about how to choose the best ones.


Eating system.  You will learn how to put carbohydrates, protein, and fat together at each meal and snack for sustained energy and you will be provided with sample meal plans showing you exactly how to implement this system, which I call the FuelTargetTM.


Nutrient timing.  You will learn the best foods to eat before, during and after practices and games to make sure you have enough energy for optimal performance - and to ensure that you recover fast.


Supplement education. You will learn a little about the supplement industry, how to be a smart consumer by knowing what to look for and what to avoid in nutrition supplements and the three supplement categories for soccer players.

Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS Sports Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist


Bob Seebohar is a nationally known board certified specialist in sports dietetics, a strength and conditioning specialist and a USA Triathlon Certified Elite Level III and Youth/Junior Certified Coach. He was previously the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Florida and most recently, a sport dietitian for the US Olympic Committee. In 2008, Bob traveled to the Summer Olympics with Team USA and was the sports dietitian for the Olympic Triathlon Team. He currently owns Fuel4mance, a sports nutrition consulting company, Elite Multisport Coaching, an endurance coaching company for adult athletes and Kids that TRI, a non-profit youth triathlon organization.

Bob grew up a competitive soccer player having played for 18 years.  He also coached youth and collegiate soccer players for six years.  During that time, he was the head coach for the Colorado State University women’s soccer club where he led the team to be national champions.  Currently, he is a competitive endurance athlete specializing in triathlon and cyclocross racing.  He has completed hundreds of endurance events ranging from sprint triathlons to Ironman to 100-mile running and mountain bike races.  He is a sports dietitian who practices what he teaches.

Bob has an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science, a masters degree in Health and Exercise Science and a second masters degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, all from Colorado State University.

Additionally, Bob is an accomplished writer who has authored many books including “Nutrition Periodization for Athletes”, “Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat”, “Performance Nutrition: Applying the Science of Nutrient Timing”, “Metabolic Efficiency Training Recipe Book”, “Sodium Loading Protocol for Endurance Athletes”, “Caffeine Protocol for Endurance Athletes”, and “ Neuromuscular, Dynamic and Functional Strength Training Exercises for Endurance Athletes”.  He has also written many chapters for sports nutrition textbooks and produced the DVD, “Strength Training for Triathletes” in conjunction with USA Triathlon.

In 2009, Bob successfully completed the Leadman series in Leadville which consisted of a marathon, 50 mile mountain bike race, 50 mile trail run, 100 mile mountain bike race, 10 kilometer run and a 100 mile trail run in the span of 7 weeks. 

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