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My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

““My name is Randy Harris and I have been the Lee Academy Varsity Baseball Coach for 25 years. Recently, I had the pleasure to read Performance Nutrition for Baseball Players: Gain the Advantage and I have to say I came away very impressed. It is full of useful information that every coach and player can adapt to their individual and team needs. I will use this resource to help my players with meal planning and hydration to maximize their efficiency. Performance Nutrition for Baseball Players is a must have for any coach and team.””

Lee Academy Athletic Director and Varsity Baseball Coach Former Minor League Catcher

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

““As a mom of a baseball player who played ball from age 5 through Division 1 College, I appreciate the well-written, concise approach of this book, and recommend it to all parents as a resource to better understand both the physical and nutritional requirements that competitive sports training place on their children, as well as a tool to improve performance. The suggestions made are practical and to-the-point, very important to a busy parent and student. And it’s fun to read!

Ms. Corbin’s advice is both interesting and encouraging, giving plenty of options and choices. The author’s understanding of the demands of various positions played, corresponding nutritional requirements, and presentation of visuals, charts and diagrams for training and fueling, makes it easy to drill down to the best nutritional plan for your athlete.
I only wish I had this book as a resource 20 years ago!””

Dedicated Baseball Mom of over 15 years

My Sports Dietitian: Eat 2 Win

“"Performance Nutrition for Baseball Players: Gain the Advantage is an excellent resource for baseball players. I really like how fueling for your position is outlined--all of them are baseball players, but each position has a different physical need and far too often that gets generalized. The meal ideas and eating out portion is great as well. Most minor league guys just don't have the time, money, or expertise to make meals for themselves and often end up at restaurants. Helping them find healthier ways to eat out can be the difference between rookie ball and the next level in terms of day-to-day performance.

Most of the players I train struggle with nutrition early in their careers, and Performance Nutrition for Baseball Players gives them the what's, how's, and why's of fueling for baseball performance."”

Former Minor League Baseball Strength Coach Assistant Director of Athletic Performance EM Speed and Power Strength and Conditioning Coach University of California Polytechnic, Pomona

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn 


Importance of and ways to properly fuel throughout the day; and before, during, and after training sessions, practices and/or games for optimal performance on and off the field.


Guidelines on eating to attain position-specific performance and body composition goals.


Best practices and suggestions for eating on the road and during tournaments.


Importance of proper hydration, and guidelines for staying properly hydrated and monitoring hydration.

Jenna Corbin, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, CLT, PES, CES


With a father and uncles who played; having grown up at the ball-field as a “baseball sister”; and practically learning to keep score before she could read—you can say baseball is in Jenna’s blood. Watching a great game or playing over-the-line on a warm summer day are some of her favorite past-times. This love for baseball has blended seamlessly with her education and training in sports nutrition, allowing her to successfully team-up with athletes to help them exceed their goals—on and off the field.

As a Registered/Licensed Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Jenna has worked with many athletes from grade-school age to professional. Before leaving California, she was the Team Sports Dietitian for UCLA Athletics; sports nutritionist for Athletes’ Performance (now EXOS) at the Home Depot Center; worked throughout Orange County with the Healthy for Life program interacting with preschool through high school children/young adults promoting physical activity, proper nutrition, and overall healthy lifestyles; and was a clinical dietitian at St. Jude Medical Center.

Recently, she has embraced an exciting personal life change by moving to Florida to be with her husband and start a family. She is currently working as a dietitian at St. Joseph’s Hospital, periodically consulting for EXOS, and providing individual consults and lectures on sports nutrition. She also specializes in food sensitivities as a Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapist. When she’s not ‘working’, you can find her outside training, hiking, running, snowboarding, snowmobiling or playing a sport; or else inside cooking or reading up on the latest in the field, with a game on in the background.

Jenna received her undergraduate degree in Foods & Nutrition from Cal Poly Pomona and Master’s of Science in Human Movement at A.T. Still University, with an emphasis in sports conditioning. Understanding the power of the synergy between nutrition and physical training, Jenna works with athletes to meet their unique, sport-specific needs.