Meet Sports Dietitian Monica Salafia

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Monica Salafia, MS, RD, CPT - Sports Dietitian

“I'm here to help support you in achieving peak performance & health. I will work alongside you to help you best prepare, perform, & recover optimally each day. Nutrition is such a key component to training, performance, & health and I'm here to help guide you in the right direction!”

Sports Dietitian

Monica Salafia

A near injury due to under fueling led Monica to want to learn nutrition on her own. "If I was going be a bada** in the gym, I needed to know how to fuel the right way, not what the magazines were telling me."

Becoming a Registered Dietitian was the natural first step and Monica graduated from The Sage Colleges Nutrition Science Program with Honors. She applied pre-select to the Sage Graduate Schools Dietetic Internship. Craving more sports nutrition experience, Monica moved to Denver, CO during her internship where she immersed herself in the Denver fitness community.

She juggled her internship, studying, finishing her Master's in Applied Nutrition, working as a full-time health coach for Noom all while building up a private practice of her own.

She has been working in her private practice, Mind on Nutrition LLC as a sports dietitian offering nutrition coaching, workshops and challenges to gyms studios around the city. She appears regularly on local news channels teaching healthy eating habits and recipes. As of 2019 she became the Nutrition Consultant for the Denver Nuggets and looks forward to a lifelong career in sports nutrition.

  • Nutrition Consultant for Denver Nuggets
  • Regular Healthy Eating Expert Guest Appearances on Fox and NBC
  • Performance Dietitian at The Institute
  • Sports Dietitian for Private Practice Mind on Nutrition