Eat 2 Win App License for Sports Dietitians

Eat 2 Win App License

Sports Dietitians can implement all features of the Eat 2 Win Program

Your Athletes Will Improve Their…

Eating Habits | Energy | Weight | Strength | Focus | Recovery | Endurance

Here is what you can do with an Eat 2 Win App License...

Group Athlete into Teams

Group athletes into Teams and encourage team competition while improving their eating habits.

Distribute Sports Nutrition Education Videos

You can distribute to select athletes theme focused videos within the app. We have 10 Sports Nutrition themes to choose from based on frequently asked questions. That is 10 weeks of content with 7 videos per week (theme).

Create Theme Focused Nutritional Challenges

Theme focused challenges allow you to focus on short term goals around a common theme. Don’t overwhelm your athletes.

Schedule, Manage and Communicate

Athletes are able to schedule and communicate with you right from within the Eat 2 Win App.

All Athletes are Premium Users

When a Sports Dietitian adds an athlete they are converted to a Premium User status and that unlocks all of the features of the Eat 2 Win App!

Priority Support

Top priority and support via email and phone support. We are here to make you successful.

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