Supplements and Ergogenic Aids Courses Bundle

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Supplements and Ergogenic Aids Bundle

Supplements and Ergogenic Aids Courses Bundle

Lifetime Access, $129 for the Course Bundle

  • Dietary and Nutritional Supplementation to Enhance the Effects of Resistance Training
  • Dietary Supplement Adulteration and 3rd Party Certification Testing
  • Evidence Based Supplements in Sports Nutrition
  • Performance Enhancing Substances and Dietary Supplement Safety
  • Sports Supplements for Young Athletes: Is Creatine Safe?
  • The Potential Applications for Cannabidiol (CBD) in Sport and Exercise
  • Vitamin D and Human Performance
  • Vitamin D and Athletic Performance
  • Caffeine and Athletic Performance
  • Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Performance
  • HMB: What does the evidence say on Athletic Performance?
  • Supplement Fundamentals for Athletes
  • Pre-Workout Supplements: Good, Bad and Ugly
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